• More Than Life 'Love Let Me Go' Re-Mix

    Today is the re-release of More Than Life's 'Love Let Me Go', a very important record in many peoples eyes, which I had the pleasure of re-mixing! To celebrate the release I wanted to write a little about the process of re-mixing. Approaching a re-mix of an already established record is different to just doing a mix from scratch, as there are already expectations of how the record should sound. I approached this project with one main goal in mind – to keep the original vibe as much as possible, but enhance elements of the mix. 

    There were many processes to get to the final mix but one of the main elements I wanted to talk about were drums. Originally recorded in a very dry room and having no room mics in the original files, I wanted to add some space to the kit without it sounding too much like a fake reverb after the fact. I achieved this a few different ways. Firstly I made some room mic samples by mic'ing up a similar sounding snare in the big live room at The Ranch and recording multiple velocity hits. I then made a slate trigger instrument and blended the multi-mic room sounds into the original kit. This added some real room ambience to the drums, which creates a more natural sound than just a reverb plugin. 

    To add a little more width to the stereo image, I then added a touch of reverb which I sent some of the close mics and the room samples too. With this reverb I used logic's sample delay, to delay the left and right channels slightly differently. This makes it feel much wider, as your ears are hearing one side slightly before the other. 

    You can check out a full stream of the newly re-mixed album here and can order it over at Holy Roar Records now. If you've got any questions or queries about anything in the mixing process or you want to enquire about having your record mixed by myself, you can email me over at and I'll be happy to help!  

  • Gnarwolves 'Gnarwolves' out now!

    Gnarwolves 'Gnarwolves' out now!

    The highly anticipated debut album from Gnarwolves was released this week and Im stoked to finally share it with you all. We had a blast recording this (you can read my Punktastic interview on the recording process - here) and Im glad people are connecting so strongly with such a great band and awesome group of dudes, who deserve to go far. 

    Go listen and if you dig it, order a record! 

  • End of a year

    End of a year


    So its coming to the end of what has been an incredible year. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the best bands in the UK, joined a new band, co wrote and produced our debut LP, and got to work with a band who influenced me hugely in my younger days. Rather than listing every single session (there's too many good ones to count), I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite from this year: 

    Grappler 'Everything I've ever feared' 

    Grappler are an incredible band and I feel are one of the most underrated going at the moment in the UK. The song crafting on their new record is something special and Im thankful for them trusting me enough to basically do what I wanted on 'Everything I've ever feared' (cheers guiz). This also probably has something to do with why a cowbell ended up on it. Check out the record here -

    We Never Learned To Live 'S/T'

    Once labelled 'If Heroes Should Fail', the guys have reinvented themselves and have produced an amazing 3 track record and its still longer than most bands debut full lengths! One of my personal favourite productions of mine this year too (I love any band that lets me go ultimate GNAR on bass tones). Can stream the whole thing here -

    Gnarwolves 'Funemployed' 

    Its been amazing to watch Gnarwolves go from strength to strength, and like the previous EP 'Cru', this record was really fun to record! Its not very often you find a group of people that work so well together, but as soon as they get in a room something clicks. Also the main reason we tracked both EP's pretty much live. No studio magic, just loads of vibe and loads of fun -

    Pariso 'Consanguinity'

    Just listen to 'Manial' around 1.20 and you'll get why this is one of my favs. Plus they let me play guitar and sing. Dangerous combo -

    Holland 'Happines Falls & The Bitter Blue'

    Absolutely awesome record! If you dig bands like Mew, Brand New and Death Cab you will seriously love this. Also Casey managed to record all 8 tracks of drums on the first day which is worth mentioning in itself!

    Sharks 'Selfhood'

    Even though the record was technically recorded last year, it was released earlier this year, and with the band now broken up I think they deserve a mention. Having spent months working on their last record, going to town on every detail, their goal on this one was to record the whole thing in 2 weeks. We tracked the whole thing live, only adding overdubs where needed and I think we nailed the vibe of this. Its rough around the edges, but its the sound of a real band playing together in a room and its hopefully something they can be proud of for the rest of their lives. RIP SHARKS ///

    Thanks to everyone who I've worked with this year and hopefully we can carry it on next year. 2014 is already looking to be an incredible one. Happy christmas and new year! I hope everyone enjoys this picture of me holding a Space Echo...