Lewis Johns has worked with hundreds of bands at The Ranch in Southampton, from Gnarwolves to Funeral For A Friend and is attracting attention from press as well. This page is a collection of articles specifically about Lewis and his work as a producer.

  • Punktastic: Pariso/Svalbard

    The third Punktastic 'In The Studio' instalment, taking a look at the process behind the Pariso/ Svalbard split LP.

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  • Punktastic: Gnarwolves

    Another 'In The Studio' feature, but this time talking about the process behind recording and mixing Gnarwolves debut album.

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  • Punktastic: Funeral For a Friend

    The second instalment of 'In The Studio' features, talking about working with Funeral for a Friend on their 7th studio album.

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  • Punktastic Introduction

    Punktastic have long been covering artists Lewis has worked with and are now running a series of ongoing features with him about the bands he's working with at the studio. This is an introductory piece to that series.

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  • Sontronics Interview

    Lewis has been using south coast based Sontronics microphones for years and was approached by the company to contribute to their users section.

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